Monday, March 11, 2013

DIY Lace Bowls

Doilies are my (not so) new obsession. I love lace in general but I'm slowly discovering how many beautiful uses there are for doilies (thank you Pinterest). Stay tuned for more doily themed projects in the future.
But for now Lace bows: I was originally planning this as a Valentine's Day post, but fortunately as with many DIY projects this project is very versatile and also oh so simple! It is a simple project really taking only a short amount of active time, the hard part is waiting until the next day to unveil your bowl! The options are endless for what you can do with these bowls, I gave my mom a small gift inside one for Valentine's Day and made one for myself for my jewelry. I imagine they would look so sweet with some easter eggs too! 

Lace Bowls
lace doilies of various sizes and shapes and colors
fabric stiffener

Pour the fabric stiffener into a bowl, saturate the doily and squeeze off the excess. Drape the doily over the bottom of a bowl (the fabric stiffener will wash off so don't worry about ruining any bowls). Let dry overnight and carefully peel the doily off the bowl. 

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